Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Sometimes, one can be pleasantly rewarded for an unselfish act.

I do a little weekly shopping for my neighbour Mary (next-door-but-one). She is not well, and regularly neglects to take her tablets. This is not terribly good news, for when she has one of her "episodes," she will insist upon visitors leaving their shoes in the hallway. Her dog, Peppy, will generally proceed to vacate his bowels inside the footwear that resides there. It is a rather revolting version of russian roulette. When I visit Mary, I always take the precautionary measure of carrying on my person, a spare pair of soft slip-on shoes and a plastic bag with which to carry the steaming recepticles homeward bound, should I not be in possession of an "empty chamber" upon leaving Mary's house.

I am pleased to report that Mary was in high spirits today, and so there was no need to remove my footwear. We talked about our neighbours, (who have recently moved out). Mary had a long standing feud with them and I do believe she is in a somewhat triumphant mode today as I am quite certain that she drove them out with her erratic behaviour. Today she was in a giving mood, and made me take home a carrier bag full of junk that was no doubt intended for the local charity shop.

Nevertheless, I am not proud, and had a good rummage through the bag when I got home. I made certain to wear a pair of thick rubber gloves, one can not always be sure what Mary has deemed fit for recycling.  However, I was delighted to find an old knitting pattern, which in itself is not thrilling. It was what was on the outside that had me all of a giddy whirl, for on the cover was a photograph of my favourite actor, Roger Moore, looking very resplendant modelling the cosy, yet chic crochet tanktop advertised without. I can almost recall the frisson that would make my girlish heart flutter whenever I was fortunate to lay eyes upon his chiselled good looks and unruffled demeanour.

I read somewhere, that he was nicknamed, "The Big knit."
Oh Roger, they just don't make then like you any Moore. (Forgive me, I could not resist that little quip).

yours truly
Griselda Primrose